Jason and Corrine Throw a Great Celebration to Begin Their Married Life Together

I don’t mind owning and running a DJ business but I always say: I hate when the administrative end of things takes more of my time and energy than what I actually love to do: and that’s DJ at weddings.

That was never more obvious than the first two weeks of November this year.  As anyone from the Tri-State area can tell you, Hurricane Sandy tore through our area and left things in quite a mess.  And while I was one of the lucky ones who got no damage at my home or my office, the aftermath of Sandy was not without its trials and tribulations for Elite Entertainment: moving operations to my house because we still had no power at the office, communicating with so many brides and grooms who were displaced by banquet halls that were damaged… the list goes on.  It was basically two weeks of headaches followed by migraines.

So by the time I got to Friday, November 9th I was ready for something different.  I was ready to do what I do best (and what I certainly love best).  I was ready to DJ a wedding!

Thankfully, Jason and Corrine had entrusted their celebration in my hands and there was no way I was going to let them down.  Jason and Corrine were getting married and hosting their reception at Season’s all the way up in Washington Township.  Needless to say I got on the road super early and made it on site super early as well.

I was working with Richard Savner who is one of our up and coming super star DJs.  Richard was my music mixer for the night and he actually penned his own blog about this wedding already.  We were both determined to shake off the blues that Sandy had spread across the region and show these people a great time.  I’m proud to say we did that.  And then some.

Jason and Corrine are an awesome couple and we clicked very well in our month-before review when we sat down to go over the details for their reception.  Their main message was: we want to dance!  And I got that message loud and clear.  From the beginning of the night all the way through till the party ended at 12:30am, the dance floor was jammed with happy people.  Everyone had that attitude of “We made it through the storm.  Now let’s party.”

One of the things I loved about Jason and Corrine is that they are both HUGE Dave Matthews fans, and they wanted his music played at significant times of their reception, but they also knew enough not to over-do it.  We used Dave Matthews’ songs for introductions, they danced their first dance together as husband and wife to Dave’s new song “Belly Full” and we also did a DMB song for cake cutting.  Plus we ended the evening with a pair of Dave Matthews’ songs.  But Jason and Corrine didn’t expect me to get everyone dancing to Ant’s Marching or anything.  They recognize that there’s a time and place for everything and they chose the perfect time and place to hear their favorite artist.

Jason and Corrine are also incredibly involved people.  She’s a nurse and he’s a police officer.  I think, now more than ever, after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, I’ve gained a deeper respect for anyone who chooses a career like that.  I thank Jason and Corrine for their service to our communities and also for having me DJ their wedding.  It was a thrill for me to be a part of this one and I wish them both nothing short of a lifetime of health and happiness!

Here’s a photo Corrine posted on Facebook.  It was my first time working with their photographer Kristina Traficante but I hope to see her again.  It looks like she takes amazing pictures.

And here’s the review this awesome couple wrote on Wedding Wire for me. Thanks for the amazing words!



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