Katy & Alex 3/23/12 @ Crystal Point

It’s not often that you find someone who is looking forward to working on his or her birthday. But I was really excited this past March 23rd! That’s right, I worked on my birthday for a super cool couple. All their plans went smoothly plus they had an 80 degree day in March. Just a beautiful day and a great party.

I remember speaking with Katy on the phone when she was first inquiring about our service. She was so pumped because she had just booked at The Crystal Point and reserved their “Winter Wonderland Package”. We work with The Crystal Point a lot and our Two Person Package is actually included in their Winter Wonderland Package so Katy and Alex wanted to come to an Elite Private Show to select their DJ. After they attended a show they pulled me aside to chat and they were extremely impressed with the entire staff. While chatting Katy actually said,  “We wish you were open on our date” but I knew right away why I wasn’t.

I thought to myself  “You will be at the Crystal Point, just around the corner from home, Katy and Alex are going to be a blast to work with, you have your own wedding coming up to pay for, plus you are gonna be 32, you are already old”. So I turned to them and told them I was blocked off for a personal day, but I would gladly open myself up for their wedding. Katy was super pumped, but when she found out I was working on my birthday for her wedding she was wowed. I reassured her I would definitely be there and we would have  a blast.

Fast forward to the night of the wedding, specifically the last hour of the party. It was a good party all night long but what happened next floored me. Now it’s rare that I am even speechless, but when Katy and one of her bridesmaids grabbed the microphone and got everyone in the room to sing “Happy Birthday” I was wowed. It was a great moment I will never forget.

Katy doing some quick photos before intros



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