March 23, 2012 – Wedding Bells & Lots of Laughs

John Ruggiero, Versailles Ballroom at The RamadaFriday night I had the pleasure of spending an entire afternoon and evening with 2 of the greatest families I have ever worked with. Funny and Charming and Funny and Funny …did I say hilarious. From the beginning till the very minute I sat in my truck to drive away, it was nothing but smiles and lots of laughs that still hurt 36 hrs later like I did a thrashing ab-workout.

It was 6:00pm and the ceremony was just about to start. I was graced with the presence of my good friend and fellow Elite Entertainer-Corey Fox, as my partner in crime for the night, so I had a feeling it was going to be a memorable event one way or another. We’re set up in the back right corner of the room (if you can picture it, if not, you need not read any further). Well we start to hear small chattering laughter from a few couples in their, I’m guessing 60-70 age group, and they are sitting directly to our left, also the rear of the room. The laughter progressively got louder.

As I bring on the Processional music for the Bridesmaids to walk in, which was “Air” played in G, the room fell silent, as it always does. I heard some ahhhhhs and ohhhhhhs but not much from the Peanut Gallery in the opposite corner. Then I fade the music out, wait for about a second and then, Canon starts playing nice and loud as Jessica makes her way into the room and up toward the altar. I couldn’t make out was said over there as she passed by, but it created a laughter that engulfed the entire room and was contagious for the rest of the night. I could only pray that the comedy would stay tasteful throughout the duration of the party. We have all seen what can happen when you add alcohol to a situation.

After Jess and Jim said I DO and seal it with a kiss, I hit the recessional song; Everlasting Love, and they take their very first steps down the road of Matrimony. I just happen to glance over and one of the Gentlemen from the Peanut gallery was aggressively giving me thumbs up signs from across the room. I guess he liked us so far…yay…a fan club.

Cocktail hour was great as The Ramada in Toms River always puts out a fabulous spread. The finger foods were being enjoyed while the liquor flowed from behind the bar. The poor bartender couldn’t even keep up. As I listened to the beats of the music, it started to be overcome by the amount of laughter in the room. It was as if every little group of people had something to talk about that was funnier than the next. These people were a riot.

Introductions were like fireworks, Parents came in followed by all of the members in the Bridal Party, and I had everyone on their feet clapping and cheering.

When Jess & Jim made their Grand Introduction into the Ballroom to Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO, the room went ballistic. They shared their first dance together, and then danced with their respective parents. The attention of the room was focused on the dance floor the entire time.

Now its time for the Toast. We had 3 toasts and all were filled with the same love and laughter possessed by all the guests attending. The maid of honor was overcome with such emotion during her speech, that there was almost a slight awkward moment of silence until one of the other family members shouted out some jubilant expressions and once again the jokes were rolling around the ballroom. At least 1 person from each table had something to say that when all combined, turned her tears into confidence. Once she gained back her composure, her toast went flawless.

The Night was a blast. Dancing, laughing, eating, dancing , and laughing some more. There was even a part of the night when I played Sexy and I Know It and somebody who is well known as a reputable dancer, SPLIT his pants, and had to go change into jeans. Not even gonna say who that could be. But all in all the night was a success. Everybody left the wedding with such an abundance of joy and love wrapped around them. The Parents of the Bride came up to me as I was taking down my gear and thanked me once again for such a great time.

The very next day, not even 24hrs after the wedding, I receive a message from the Bride gloating about how much fun they had and they were so shocked that the party was so wild. They were extremely thankful and I am not going to lie…I was too. Another great time with some very special people that I will never forget.

The kicker here, is that 1 month before the wedding, I met with Jess & Jim at their house to go over all of the details of their party. They told me “We Don’t Really Dance” and “I don’t really think it is going to be a big dancing crowd”. To some DJs, this could be very discouraging, but I took this challenge head on, and personally feel that I knocked it out of the park.

I am firm believer that Good Entertainment = Good Party, but Great Entertainment = Great Party.
What kind of party will your Wedding be ???


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