Meg and Chris September 24th, 2011

When I saw The Hotel Alcott in Cape May on my schedule for this weekend I knew I’d be getting on the road super early. I met my music mixer, Chris Baum, at the office and we made the trek down the parkway together. Chris is a good kid and interesting to talk to so the ride there and back didn’t seem as far.

We rolled into Cape May very early and found the Hotel with no problem. The load in couldn’t have been easier so by the time sound check was done we had about two hours to kill. Better early than the alternative!

This was one of my best parties of the year. Even during introductions I could tell that Chris and Meg’s family and friends were very energetic. They had asked me to introduce them to one of my favorite songs of the year, OneRepublic’s “Good Life.” I made an edit so just as I was saying their names the chorus kicked in with, “Oh, this is gotta be a good life.” The room erupted!

After a first course we opened up the dance floor and my suspicions were confirmed: this was going to be a great night! Sometimes as a DJ you find yourself wondering what to play to get a crowd dancing. At this wedding, I found myself thinking, when dinner is served, what can I play to get these people to sit!

The highlight of the night was when Meg kicked off her shoes because she’d been dancing so much and one of her friends put them on the façade in front of my DJ equipment. I snapped a quick shot of that with my iPhone because to me that was the ultimate compliment.


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