Salena and Alan Celebrate Their Wedding at The Smithville Inn

Salena and Alan Celebrate Their Wedding at The Smithville Inn
Salena and Alan's Wedding Ceremony
Salena and Alan’s Wedding Ceremony

I had the privilege of MCing and DJing for Salena and Alan.  Salena used to work for The Studio in Freehold (one of the great photo studio in the state) and so it was an honor when she selected me to be her entertainment.  I had to figure she’s seen just about every band and DJ in New Jersey so for her to pick Elite, and specifically me, was quite a compliment.  By the way the images in this blog are from my iPhone, lest anyone think they are indicative of The Studio’s work.

Salena and Alan got married at The Smithville Inn and they had Father John Michael O’Sullivan serve as their officiant.  I’ve worked with Father John for many many years and he always delivers a beautiful ceremony.  We were set up in the back of the room playing music but from what we could see, Salena and Alan went through a wide range of emotions during the ceremony.  They laughed, they cried, and most importantly, they got married!

Once the ceremony was finished it was our turn to take over the reigns.  We played music for cocktail hour and then did our best to rock the party.  When I was lining up the

Salena and Alan's 1st Dance with Frank from the Studio looking on
Salena and Alan’s 1st Dance with Frank from the Studio looking on

bridal party for introductions I went over all the names with Salena and when I confirmed how she wanted to be introduced, using the formal Mr and Mrs Alan Garrison, she had a very funny reaction.  I said, “it sounds very formal, right?” and she agreed saying it was the first time she’d heard it out loud.  It was a funny moment and a reminder for me about how important someone’s wedding day is.  It’s not just a celebration – it’s a life changing day for the couple.  I think I always keep that in mind but that moment with Salena was a great reminder.

The party itself was fun.  Salena had given me a handful of requests and I was able to get to all of them, including some of her favorite country songs and also some old school hip-hop.  As I said, she used to work at The Studio so I got work with the legendary Frank Salomone.  Ever since I started DJing in the late 80s Frank has been a popular photographer and someone I always love working with.  He was working with PJ  and from the looks of it they were both getting many great images.  At The Smithville Inn, Kyle and Ashley were running the show and they were very cooperative.  We don’t get down there that often but I wish we did.  It’s a beautiful spot.

After the wedding Salena was nice enough to give me this very nice review on Wedding Wire.



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