Saturday, January 7, 2012 – Jodie’s Sweet 16 @ The Palace in Somerset Park

What a gorgeous January day for a party at the Palace, 60 degrees and a room full of Jodie’s family and friends waiting to party.   We were in the upstairs Gatsby Room, and the up-lighting combined with the decorations made the room look great. The party was big mix of family and Jodie’s friends from school.  The guests were welcomed with Shirley Temples, Pina Caldas (non-alcoholic), and Strawberry Daiquiris (non-alcoholic).

Once cocktail hour was completed, it was time for Jodie’s grand entrance.  I gathered all the guests into a half circle, got their hands clapping, and played  “Throw Your Hands Up” by Quinto Ft. Pit Bull & Lorenzo – Jodie came in dressed in a beautiful silver dress complimented with a tiara, the whole time dancing and giving hugs and high fives to her guests.  Jodie and her father went straight into the father/daughter dance to “My Girl” by the Temptations.  Afterwards we moved everyone into the main dining room for a blessing by Rev. Cadet followed by the buffet.

After the guests were finished eating, we kicked the party off by inviting Jodie to the center of the dance floor (which was filled with Pink and White Balloons) and getting all her guests to make a circle around her. Once everyone was out there we had everyone clapping and cheering for her and threw on “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, turned on the Lighting effects, and turned the Volume Up!!!.. Jodie was in the middle of her guests dancing and I asked her to start grabbing one person at a time to join her in the middle, then I asked each person she grabbed to also grab one person to join her in the middle… within less than 2 minutes every person in the room was on the dance floor partying….We kept the party moving dancing to songs such as: “We found Love”-Rihanna ft Calvin Harris, “Sexy and I Know It”-LMFAO, “Run the World”-Beyonce, “Teach Me How to Dougie”-California Swag District, “Without You”- David Guetta & Usher.

After about an hour of dancing it was time for the Candle Lighting and dessert.  One of the highlights was Jodie inviting her entire Swim Team up and them doing their Swim Team Cheer…. We kept partying while the guests were eating dessert, some of the requests from the guests were: “Levels”-Avicii, “Motto”-Drake, “Yes”-LMFAO, “6ft,7ft”-Lil Wayne, “Cat Daddy”-Rej3ctz, & Bachata.  We threw on an Old School Hip-Hop Set with “Let Me Clear My Throat”-DJ Kool, “Be Faithful”-Fat Man Scoop, “Jump Around”-House of Pain, “Poison” –Bell Biv Devoe, and “Baby Got Back”-Sir Mix A lot.

We ended the night by gathering all the guests in a circle with Jodie in the middle, making a few Thank You mentions to her family, friends, and the staff at The Palace, then throwing on “Super Bass”-Nicki Minaj… Jodie danced her last song of the night with her guests as happy as could be….

It was a great night, as much fun for me as for the guests… Thanks to the Thompson Family, as well as the Maitre’D and staff at The Palace…


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