Save the date! Now what? Part 2

Congrats, you have your date and venue.  Now where do you go from here?  That is entirely up to you and your future spouse.  Below are some of my wedding planning experiences.

Vendors– You may want to book vendors within a certain time frame.  The wedding business is planned months, sometimes years in advanced.  If you really like a certain vendor’s services, you will want to make sure that your date is available. Take it or leave it tip- Go to bridal shows.  They will most likely have free food, deals, and raffles.  Did I mention free food?!  Bridal shows will allow you to see multiple types of vendors all in one night, which helps if your schedule is busy.

Make it your day- My wife and I went by a philosophy of what we thought made a good celebration.  Good food, good music/entertainment.  That’s it.  Why? We felt that’s what most people talk about when describing a friend or family member’s wedding reception.  People remember what stands out the most to them throughout the night, and if alcohol is involved, it may not be much.  We were a little crafty but it wasn’t our priority.  Again plan your vision of your wedding and have it your own way.

And when the day comes…

Enjoy it- People will and have probably told you by now that the day goes by so fast.  They aren’t lying, before you know it, it’s time to say goodnight and it’s all over.  All that planning, budgeting and scheduling and booking vendors, crafting decorations finally has come to an end.  It may seem over the top at times, but it is all worth celebrating a new chapter in your lives together.

Take it or Leave it tip- Grab your spouse at some point of the night and pull them to the side and take it all in; one place where both sides of your family and friends have gathered to celebrate your marriage, it’s quite a sight.  Good luck to you and may you have an incredible day of celebration towards everlasting love and happiness.



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