Video Displays (by Elite Video)

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The combination of high-end sound, special effects and your beautiful photos will deliver a precious wedding memento that your family and friends will remember forever.

A Love Story
Imagine seeing your own Love Story on the big screen at your reception. A love story is produced as a music video, shot with you and your fiancé at your favorite settings (i.e. beach, park, etc). We make a romantic music video of you walking and holding hands, playing, joking, and kissing: the works. Then we separately interview you in a “When Harry Met Sally” style and ask about: 1) How you first met, 2) The first date and kiss, 3) The proposal and 4) Your hopes for the future. This becomes an 8-minute presentation to premier at your reception on a 10’ projection screen. In general, a love story is a creative and emotional “music video / short film” style presentation that you and your guests will remember forever.

“Through the Years” Project
This photo montage begins with a storybook album. As the page turns, a baby picture appears, it continues with childhood photos, and concludes with current photos of the couple together. All of the photos are set to beautiful music (of your choice) that help us tell the story. The photo montage includes up to 100 of your favorite photos to keep the presentation about 10 minutes. Package includes production, 10-foot projection screen (with DVD player and projector) set up at reception for viewing and your copy on DVD.


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