Our Staff
Our Staff

What does it take to be an Elite Entertainer? Charisma. Love of people. Passion for music. An outgoing, energetic personality. Every Elite Entertainer works exclusively for us, and many are full time entertainers. We are all fully trained and experienced in the art of throwing a successful party. The strength of our company is our talent, and we invite you to take a look at the Elite Entertainment staff. It’s like no other in the state!

By the way, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Elite Entertainer, follow this link to find out.


Mike Walter

As the owner of Elite Entertainment, Mike has hired and trained every MC on the staff. Even after 25 years in the business, and hosting thousands of parties, Mike still loves it each and every weekend.

Dominic Sestito

Dominic has been performing at weddings since 1998 and hasn’t looked back. He’s the senior sales consultant at Elite and personally performs at almost 100 weddings per year!

Tom Monaco

Tom has been with Elite for more than 15 years! He loves to create some amazing remixes that he spins at some of the hottest clubs in New York and Philly (all while still performing at more than 90 events per year).

Jay Thomson

Jay is one of the most sought after emcees in all of New Jersey. He has taken home the coveted “DJ of the Year” award so often we might just name it after him eventually. If you are looking for a DJ who will make your entertainment visions a reality, while providing excellent customer service, there is no better choice than Jay.

Chris Monaco

Chris has been a wedding DJ as long as he can remember. He lives and breathes music and loves performing at more than sixty events per year. He usually books over a year in advance.

Phil Walsh

One of Elite’s most popular MCs, Phil is also a great singer and he’s often asked to sing a ballad or two at his events. He’s an elementary teacher by day, and is one of the most athletic entertainers on staff!

Kris Abrahamsen

You might catch Kris in the office as he’s a full time sales consultant for Elite. He’s a natural on the microphone and has some crazy dance moves as well. He’s an incredibly highly sought after entertainer on our team.

Corey Fox

Corey Fox joined the Elite team at the turn of the new millennium as a music mixer, but it was evident from the very beginning that being an “emcee and entertainer” was his eventual goal. In his own words, his “love of music and making people smile” coupled with his “joviality and professionalism” are the traits that make this entertainer one of the most complete on the Elite staff.

Dan Fumosa

Besides a great look and outgoing personality, Dan is a musician (he plays drums, guitar, trumpet and keyboard).  In fact his first DJing gig ever was for a friend’s Sweet 16 and he just used a computer and his band’s PA system.  Dan’s something of a computer geek (he calls himself the “coolest computer nerd you will ever meet”) but he’s also athletic (he plays sports as well as coaches baseball at Toms River Sports Academy).

Alex Cameron

Alex is a skilled MC and DJ with a love of dancing, music, and people. He loves DJing any type of party. If there is a dance floor that needs filling, Alex wants to be there.

Thomas Williams

Thomas has music in his DNA. His grandmother taught him a deep passion for music and his brothers got him hooked on DJing. He loves music and dancing and will get not rest until your guests are loving it too!

Craig Haberstroh

Craig is passionate about throwing a great party that guest of all ages can enjoy. An avid sports lover and future physical education teacher, Craig’s outgoing personality and love of dancing make him sure to pack the dance floor at your event.

Daniel Mueller

There are many paths people take to becoming a DJ.  Daniel seems to have taken them all.   Radio DJ in college?  Yeah, he did that?  Musician in a band?  Check.  Producing dance tracks in a home studio?  Yup!  Which makes Daniel one of the more well-rounded DJs you’ll ever meet.

David Perrone

David’s induction into the world of DJing came about as early as any DJ’s ever.  He explains: “My love for DJing and music started as far back as I can remember. When I was little my Uncle owned a few discotheques and piano bars in northern Italy

Nick DiGiaimo

There’s a legendary story here at Elite Entertainment that finds Jay Thomson working as a bar back at Breakers Hotel when he heard Tom Monaco rocking a wedding and thought, “that’s what I should be doing!”  Nick’s path to Elite is very simila

Mary Mathews

“Music is life’s soundtrack.”  That’s Mary Matthews’ philosophy.  She continues, “The connection you can have with a certain song and how it takes you back to a specific place and time. Music can be very powerful in changing your mood from bad to good.

Nicole Cocco

Some people are just born to be on stage. Nicole Cocco is certainly one of those people. She is a natural performer who loves bringing joy to others with her beautiful voice. Nicole loves being able to add that special touch to a couple’s day with her songs at their wedding.

Sarina Sestito

Sarina Sestito

Sarina has been singing since she was a child and she’s been performing on stage since grade school. She is the perfect complement to any Elite DJ package, with the range to perform anything from “At Last” to Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly.”

Marshall Moore

Mr. “Music Makes The World Go Round,” Marshall is one of Elite’s most popular entertainers. He’s the nicest guy on the planet! You’re going to love him!


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