• A Few Tips On Hiring A DJ To Save You Time and Headaches Later

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    If you’re like most newly engaged couples you’re probably thinking “how hard could it be”? I’ll just Google “DJ in my area” and I’ll hire someone.

    It’s way too easy for anyone to put up a website using stock photos, a few clicks create a  Facebook page or Instagram account and they claim to be in business for 8-10 years. It’s unfortunate, but you can be whoever you want to be on the internet.

    Finding a reputable company with experienced that fits your needs might seem daunting but if you follow these steps it should be fun and rewarding.

    1. Ask friends and family for a referral first. This kind of goes without saying but getting a referral from someone that has already used a reputable company is your best bet. You have an unbiased opinion from someone you know.
    2. Use search wedding websites, but use caution. Companies can buy rankings. Just because they are in the number one position on a page doesn’t mean anything. Try to use the unpaid (organic) listings, which are under the paid listings. Companies are in this position due to longevity, reviews, and activity.
    3. Read reviews from past clients. How many reviews across different platforms does the company have? How are they rated? What clients say in reviews is really important.
    4. Get estimates. How easy is it to get an accurate quote from the company? Do they make you come in for an appointment to get a quote and the BEST price like a “used car salesman” or are they transparent with their pricing and availability.
    1. Check for insurance. This may seem like a no brainer but we get calls 30 days before events from clients saying they hire someone without insurance. Now they are now scrambling for entertainment. Most venues in NJ require a minimum, $1,000,000 insurance policy to even walk through the door.
    1. When comparing estimates take value into consideration. What does value mean? Look at it this way. If you hire the cheapest company they usually can’t provide value like answering the phone live, meeting with you, showing up on time, constant communication from our team, and having top-notch equipment. In some cases, the cheapest company can’t even provide the full service you need. Value is all the little things that add up to a wonderful experience.


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  • Jessica & Marshall 2.4.17

    EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_DominicSestito_AmericanHotelWe recently had the honor and pleasure of DJing and photographing Marshall and Jessica’s wedding reception at the American Hotel in Freehold. I’ve included some a few images snapped by Cyndi Roberts of Elite Digital Images and also a little bit of what Dominic had to say as their DJ:

    Marshall & Jess were such a pleasure to work with! I get to work with a wide range of couples, some that are very involved and all about the details and then there are some that are super laid back…they were definitely the latter. Marshall was so laid back to the point that he made a joke before the ceremony that as long as I had their first dance right it didn’t matter what was played after that. As much as their may have been some truth in what he said, I wasn’t going to take him at his word so I made sure to do what I could and that was keep the guests dancing all night long and that’s exactly what happened!

    2jessica+marshall 2.4.17-EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_DominicSestito_AmericanHotel





  • Julie & Andy Celebrate at the Sterling Ballroom

    0047eliteimagesnj011317On Friday, January 13th, we had the honor of performing both DJ and photography services for Julie & Andy as they said their “I do’s” at the Sterling Ballroom in Tinton Falls. Check out a little bit of what their DJ, Dominic Sestito, had to say and hope you enjoy some of the photos Lynn Monaco took as well:


    Julie and Andy were a blast to work with! They were such a fun, outgoing and upbeat couple and they just wanted to get the party going. They gave me a little direction with music, but for the most part just wanted people up and dancing all night. With 200+ people at the sterling ballroom that was no problem at all!

    Throughout the night, we played everything from Jackson 5 to Maroon 5. The intelligent lighting complemented the down lighting in the room plus high lighted the special moments by spotlighting them.
    Congrats Julie & Andy and thank you for having us be a part of your big day!
  • Christina & TJ Party at Ashford Estate

    If you were to take a poll of the nicest wedding reception sites in New Jersey, I’m sure you’ll get a wide variety of answers. Some prefer a beachy setting while some prefer more greenery like on a golf course. The there are some that give you the feel you’re getting married at the home of royalty…enter Ashford Estate. Christina & TJ chose one of the premier venues in all of New Jersey to begin their lives as man and wife.

    fullsizerender-5We had the honor of providing the videography services as well as the entertainment for the evening where Dominic Sestito was their MC/DJ for the night. Christina & TJ had their ceremony right on site (there’s a barn right on property) and had a live trio to provide the music while we provided the PA system. Dominic said they were amazing and the coolest part was they played a string version of “Shut Up & Dance” by Walk the Moon as the recessional song!


    Dominic also said that the party was amazing and to add to the atmosphere, they had added a black light package to enhance the party vibefullsizerender-6 (hope to have pics soon!). But as with most weddings, Dominic said the highlight was their first dance and just how into it Christina & TJ seemed to be. He told me that they chose “Fire & The Flood” by Vance Joy as their wedding song, and although he wasn’t familiar with it before, it was a tremendous “outside the box” choice for that moment.

  • March 2015 Podcast Mixed by Dominic Sestito


    Many clients and friends over the years have told me to record my sets and put them up for everyone. So I decided the first of the month I will search the billboard 100 find some popular songs (even if I don’t like them) and dig up so kool mixes so you can practice your sweet dance moves.

  • February 2015 Podcast Mixed By Dominic Sestito


    Many clients and friends over the years have told me to record my sets and put them up for everyone. So I decided the first of the month I will search the billboard 100 find some popular songs (even if I don’t like them) and dig up so kool mixes so you can practice your sweet dance moves.

  • Dominic Sestito – January 2015 – Podcast

    Many clients and friends over the years have told me to record my sets and put them up for everyone. So I decided the first of the month I will search the billboard 100 find some popular songs (even if I don’t like them) and dig up so kool mixes so you can practice your sweet dance moves.



  • Nick & Nicky – 9-13-14 – Crystal Ballroom – Elite DJ Dominic Sestito

    I make a joke during our bridal shows about men not understanding how or why brides plan so far ahead in advance. Well Nicky is a perfect example of that, she booked our services 17 months in advance. I can only guess she booked the Crystal Ballroom 2 years in advance, and the reason why… She got exactly what she wanted on her wedding day, and her Facebook post the next day proves it.

    The playlist was extensive and ranged from “We Are Family” to “Hypnotize” to “Rather Be“. We had everyone up and partyin’ from start to finish, and that was the important part for this bride and groom. They really wanted their guest up dancing and enjoying affair. We even had Nicky behind the board rapping to “Ice Ice Baby“, the video of that is soon to follow!
    I love working with clients that appreciate the services their professionals provide, it so gratifying and the reason I love my job. Nick and Nicky were in great hands with Elite handling DJ, Video, and Photo booth. They actually attended one of our Private Showcase’s to choose their package and professionals. The great images provided by Jessica Morrisy Photography and of course the great job done by the staff at the Crystal Ballroom.
  • Melinda & Ish – Crystal Point – 4/19/14

    I had the opportunity to work with a great couple this past Saturday! They were so in love and so into there wedding, well maybe the groom was a little more involved for once. Melinda and I actually started calling him Groomzilla, but that was far from the truth. Ish just wanted to have a great time with his friend and family on his wedding day. And let me tell you we had a ton of fun! We played everything from Frank to Marc Anthony to Pitbull to John Legend. Ish and Melinda choreographed their first dance and I made an edit of that for them, plus they utilized our plasma screens and lighting. We had Intelligent Lighting to spotlight dances and the other important moments, plus add some color and energy to the room. They had two HD screens for multi-media visuals and a pre-made montage which I produced and included below. Michael from Contemporary Image captured the day and I have included some of his images below as well.


    IMG_1149 IMG_1111 IMG_1073 IMG_1008 IMG_0875IMG_9952

  • April 2014 Podcast Mixed Live By Dominic Sestito

    Many clients and friends over the years have told me to record my sets and put them up for everyone. So I decided the first of the month I will search the billboard 100 find some popular songs (even if I don’t like them) and dig up so kool mixes so you can practice your sweet dance moves.

  • January 2014 Podcast by Dominic Sestito

  • Dominic’s November 2013 Podcast

    Many clients and friends over the years have told me to record my sets and put them up for everyone. So I decided the first of the month I will search the billboard 100 find some popular songs (even if I don’t like them) and dig up so kool mixes so you can practice your sweet dance moves. Here is the very first installment enjoy and please feel free to download it!


  • Private Showcase Special Offers

    Not only is the Private Showcase a great way see everything Elite has to offer we also offer some great money saving discounts exclusive to this showcase.

    Provided by Elite Images
    Provided by Elite Images


    Elite Entertainment – Many  of our DJs will be on hand to perform for you and answer any questions you may have.  Upon arriving, we’ll let you know exactly which DJs are available for your date!  You’ll receive a coupon that will be applied as a $50 credit to you package if you reserve any package with us at the show!  Deposits for DJ services vary depending on the package but typically range between $350-$600.


    Provide by Elite Digital Images
    Provide by Elite Digital Images


    Elite Images  We’ll have sample albums available to view as well as a couple of our photographers present if you’d like to speak with them.  Our packages typically range from $1800 – $4800.  Discounts always apply for reserving photography with other Elite services, but for anyone who reserves with us at the show, we are also going to include a free Engagement Shoot (typically $250).  Deposits to reserve usually vary by package, but this Sunday the deposit for photography will be $500 regardless of the package you select.

    Elite Video – A sample of our work will be shown at the beginning of the showcase. Our most common package is typically $2100 and will be available at the show for $1900 PLUS we are going to include a free 60 photo montage to be displayed on a loop at your event on a 27″ screen (on the gift table, place card table, etc.) if you reserve at the show.  Deposits for any video package will also be $500.

    Elite Photo Booths – We’ll have one of our photo booths at the showcase for everyone to enjoy!  Our most popular package for weddings is usually $1150. For anyone that reserves at the showcase

    Provided by Elite Digital Images
    Provided by Elite Digital Images

    Elite Upgrades – You’ll have a chance to check out some of our most popular upgrades including our plasma packages, uplighting, intelligent lighting and illuminated monogram (gobo).  Discounts may apply if reserving more than one upgrade.  Small deposits are taken for each upgrade (roughly 5% of upgrade cost) to reserve it.

    Please give us a call or email us if you’d like detailed package information for any of our services before you arrive on Sunday!

  • April 16th Private Showcase

    These live shows are not only a great way to see and hear our work, but you get to meet the DJs too. I know every couple has a vision for their wedding, and your entertainment plays a huge role in making the vision a reality. By having the chance to meet the members of our staff you are able to build a rapport with us, and we are able to find out exactly what you are looking for.

    Not only will you see the great staff of Elite Entertainers, but you will have a chance to view the work of our sister companies Elite Images and Elite Video. Plus all three companies offer discounts that are exclusive to Private Showcase attendees only. So whether you are looking for a simple One Person Package or a Mega Package with DJ, Photo, Video, Lighting, a Photo Booth the best way to see everything Elite has to offer is by attending a Private Showcase.

    The date is Tuesday, April 16th and it will take place at the Sheraton in Eatontown, NJ. Doors will open at 7pm.  Come see our DJ staff  perform, check out our incredible lighting packages and you’ll even receive a special discount just for attending.  Reservations are required so call or email now to reserve your spot.

  • Amy & Wayne – February 23, 2013 at the Venetian

    With Elite being located in Monmouth County and our home base in Red Bank, we’re very blessed because within 15 to 20 miles of our office there are 10 very high-quality banquet halls that we work at often and are their recommended entertainment. Sometimes when you see that you have a wedding coming up far away, like 90 minutes away, you might roll your eyes, get into your car and say oh I’m going to hate this ride… but not when you’re working at the Venetian.

    The Venetian is one of the halls in New Jersey where you know the food is great the staff is on point the place is beautiful and it’s a great room to have a party. On February 23 of 2013 I have a great honor to DJ Amy & Wayne Lee’s at the Venetian Garfield and the party was nothing ordinary.

    Wayne and Amy had us provide the multimedia for their event with two plasma screen and they had reserved our standard two-person package I got to work with one of our up-and-coming headliners on this event Craig Haberstroh as my music mixer

    Amy and Wayne were the dream DJ client in the sense that they said Dominic here are our Spotlight dances and our first dance and have fun do your thing. The told me, all we want or people out on the dance floor  all night long. Guess what, that’s exactly what we did we had these people up and dancing basically right after they finished their first course all the way to the last song.

    Tonights sound track consisted of everything from Frank Sinatra all the way to the other end of the musical spectrum where we were playing LMFAO and Lil Jon.

    We have the dance floor popping early with great classic disco like I will survive and we are family later on in the night will remove this is the more current music like Thriftshop and even got a little down and dirty and pulled out turbulent

    This event is what I call dynamite… not in the sense of it exploded or it was hot in the sense of we would’ve had to throw a stick of dynamite on the dance floor to get people off


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