Stephanie and Mike Celebrate their Nuptials Three Weeks Later Than Planned

When you think about all the people whose lives were disrupted by Hurricane Sandy, you need to consider the couples who were scheduled to get married the weekend immediately after the storm hit.  Many of them went forward with their weddings (some finding a different facility at the last minute because theirs was damaged or without power) and some postponed to a later date.  At Elite Entertainment we worked with so many of these couples (and actually still are working with some) and our hearts just broke for them.  To put all of that time and energy into the planning of this day, only to have it altered in such a way, was enough to drive some people crazy.

That’s why I have to say working with Stephanie and Mike, whose wedding I personally DJed on November 24th, was such a pleasure.  They were originally scheduled to get married at The Breakers in Spring Lake on November 3rd.  Breakers survived the storm with no damage but the problem was Spring Lake (like so much of New Jersey) had no power that first week — so Stephanie and Mike postponed till Thanksgiving weekend.  Kris Abrahamsen was originally scheduled to be their DJ but he was not available.  Meanwhile Thanksgiving weekend is a time I usually take off so my schedule was wide open.  I was happy to step in and even happier when Stephanie and Mike said “of course we’ll take the owner!”

I met with Stephanie a week before her new wedding date.  Kris had already gotten all of her information and requests but I was glad she was willing to come in to the office and talk with me about her day.  I am old school in that I still believe a face-to-face meeting is the best way to get to know someone and from the minute Stephanie walked in my office I knew one thing: this Bride was not thrown off by Hurricane Sandy.  I mean, who could blame her if she was, right?  The wedding day now pushed back three weeks and she’s got a whole different DJ!  But Stephanie’s attitude was awesome and upbeat and I knew from that initial meeting that this was going to be a special celebration.  And that it was.

Stephanie and Mike had added our full room up-lighting and I have to say, as nice of a room as The Breakers has, we made that ballroom even more beautiful.  Stephanie and Mike’s bridal party each came in to a different song and every couple was very cool about it, getting into it so much that one couple dressed in 80s attire (and came in to “Pour Some Sugar”) while another had Lightsabers (and came in to “The Star Wars Theme”).  By the time I introduced Stephanie and Mike it was already a raucous celebration.  And things would only get better.

Stephanie and Mike had picked out a lot of music and even a fair amount of, what we call, audience participation.  I led everything from “The Electric Slide” to “The Cupid Shuffle” and even “The Chicken Dance”.  And while these dances are certainly not for everyone, I can tell you the dance floor was packed for each one.  And there was plenty of free style dancing as well.  Everything from oldies like “Brown Eyed Girl” to newer songs like the 2012 anthem:  “We Found Love.”  Stephanie and Mike danced all night, their bridal party danced all night and just about every one of their guests danced all night as well.  By the last song, (their choice: “Don’t Stop Believing”) I think we had drained just about all of the energy out of the room.

I worked with a photographer I had never met before.  A very cool gentleman by the name of Bruce Stowers of Pro One Event Photography.  Bruce was nice enough to send me these images from the reception:


Here I am with my music mixer Rob Habermann


Stephanie and Mike Celebrating!


It’s fun to stay at the . . .

And speaking of nice gestures, Stephanie hopped on Wedding Wire and gave me this glowing review:

I wish Stephanie and Mike all the luck in the world in their new life together as husband and  wife.  And I hope I get the chance to party with this group again sometime in the future.


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