“Think Big” – Bill Kubeck’s 50th @ Trump Golf Club – 3/17/2012

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump

Bill Kubeck’s surprise 50th Birthday Party certainly lived up to Donald Trump’s words.  Not only was his party at Trumps Golf Course in Colt’s Neck, NJ, but it was on St. Patrick’s Day, and there was an Elite Entertainment Disc Jockey (Yours Truly) and The Two River Band (T.J., James, Mike, & Will).  Donna, Bill’s wife who planned the surprise party was definitely “Thinking BIG”!

The party started off with the Cocktail Hour where guests were treated to green beer (in honor of St. Paddy’s Day) and champagne.  Once our guest of honor arrived – walking in to a thunderous “SURPRISE!!” and greeted and thanked his guests, everyone made there way into the main banquet room where The Two River Band kicked off there opening set.

Throughout the night we traded sets between DJ dance sets and Band sets, each lasting about an hour a piece.  Some of the special highlights were Bill & Donna dancing to there wedding song and Donna and their son giving a special thank you to the guests and congratulations to Bill.

In all it was a great night, with lots of dancing, singing, eating, drinking and especially “BIG” fun, and helped make a very memorable party for Bill as well as all the guests including myself.

Thank you to Donna, T.J., James, Mike, Will, and the staff of Trump Golf Course for an amazing night, and Congratulations once again to Bill on his 50th.


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