This DJ Loves a Good Movie…

As long as I can remember I have been a movie fan, especially Action/Adventure and Sci-Fi.  I also am a huge Comic and Anime fan…. So a few years ago when Marvel started to unveil it’s plan for The Avengers back in the Hulk and Iron Man days, I was thoroughly excited and could not wait to see how the movies would play out.  Each of the leading movies: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk (reboot), helped set the stage for what would be a ridiculously anticipated movie.  Also the success of the Dark Knight franchise and X-men First Class, help build some momentum in the Super Hero genre.










So with about a month left until The Avengers comes out, me and my friends start planning this massive opening night extravaganza, 15 guys, drinks food, midnight showing, etc… Then the caveat, my buddy calls me to tell me he has 2 tickets for the media premier in NYC with an After Party,…… hmmmmmm…. YES PLEASE!!  The days get closer, we start to get excited and start to get worried that we won’t get in, that the tickets aren’t real, that lighting will strike.  Monday April 30th, arrives for the premier and I am skeptical at best, the only solace is the fact that we already have our tickets for the opening night showing on May 4rd.  Four o’clock hits and I head over to meet my friend, we drive uptown and make our way to the theater on West 34th, and guess what we see a small but manageable line.  We park and walk to one line (the Standby Line) which is what our tickets say, then we are moved to the reserved ticket holder line.  Excitement ensues…. We wait with maybe 40 people for about an hour in line, security has checked our tickets at least twice, then they start letting us in.  We are greeted by a wave of security (no cell phones or device are permitted), we are given wrist bands and directions to the after party.  There are ushers (Male and Female) in S.H.I.E.L.D. Suits and sunglasses directing us to the theater.  We are given free popcorn and soda, and make our way into the Theater.  (Me and my friend Tony were able to get the center seats in the theater).  They have some rows roped off for VIP’s (NBC Media).  We wait until 7 and one of the hosts (Acura was the host) comes in and welcomes us to the Premier and one of the best movies of this decade starts……..










Just some figures…..  Domestic Total as of Jul. 2, 2012:       $607,219,521

                                    Foreign Total as of July 1, 2012:      $841,100,000

                                    Grand Total        (Approx):    $1,448,319,521

Now the number’s don’t lie… This was a huge deal for a movie that cost around $220 million to make.  Many, many people saw it 2,3,4 times…. RIDICULOUS!!

Now back to my story… So there was also an after party…. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acuras drove us the 5 blocks to the After Party at a large warehouse style club… Wristbands only, a Step and Repeat, appetizers, cocktails, Marvel animators, Blue Screens, Marvel Video Games, DJ (not me unfortunately), Models, and plenty more. It was definitely the way to celebrate a great movie…..  Now if only every great movie could be seen this way!!                                                           


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