We Won the Year End Awards Again!

The 2 main web sites for the wedding industry (The Knot and Wedding Wire) have been announcing annual awards for quite some time now.  When they first started, we were pretty thrilled to make the lists as it seemed a very exclusive acknowledgement.  As time has gone on it seems more and more vendors make the cut every year.  The cynic might say that’s because these sites have figured out a way to monetize these awards and so the more companies who win them the more profit involved.  Of course, we’re not cynics, so we’ll just chalk it up to the ever-increasing popularity of the internet.

That being said, we were named to both “Best of” lists once again this year:


The awards are great and even if they’ve become less exclusive through the years here’s one thing we can say (that not everyone else can):

The Knot has given their award out for seven straight years (since 2007).  We’ve been named “Best of Weddings” for all seven.

Wedding Wire has given their award out since 2009 and we’ve been named a “Bride’s Choice” for all five years.

That’s a perfect twelve for twelve if you’re keeping score at home.

Since both of these recognitions come from actual brides (and probably some grooms too) who rate their wedding vendors on these sites thus supplying them with the data to make these “best of” lists, we can only thank our wonderful clients for all the great things they have to say about us.  It is always our pleasure to entertain for the couples who put their ultimate faith in our service and the way we look at these awards is just simply all of our hard work paying off.  So thank you to our past brides and grooms and to everyone getting married in 2013 (and beyond) you have our promise that we’ll continue the excellent service that we’ve become known for.

After all, we wouldn’t want these streaks to end, now would we?


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